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CognAssist is an innovative solution developed to enable apprenticeship and work-based learning providers to identify, support and fund learners with additional learning needs.


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Our aim at CognAssist is to make the world a more inclusive place by identifying and supporting neurodiverse learners with innovative coping strategies.

We developed CognAssist in partnership with leading Neuropsychologists Dr Welch and Dr Skilbeck, Educational Psychologist Dr Wilkinson and neurodiversity expert Louise Karwowski. It is the sector’s most sophisticated digital assessment tool, identifying neurodiversity in under just 30 minutes.

By identifying and supporting neurodiversity, we will ensure that neurodiverse apprentices have the opportunity to achieve the same success as their peers.

How the evidence developed from our assessment and implementation of our strategies can benefit your organisation:

Supports the drawdown of LSF1

which is £150 per learner, per month.

Supports the improvement of your Ofsted Grade

by demonstrating your commitment to improving outcomes for all learners.

Supports learner engagement

through implementation of tailored learning strategies.

How we have supported Daniel

“CognAssist has been ‘life-changing’ in a way.”

Daniel (learner)

How we have supported Emma Sciesinska

“The system has paid for itself.”

Emma Sciesinska, Operations Director

How we have supported Learning Skills Partnership

“Robust system.”

Learning Skills Partnership, Ofsted Inspection June 2017

How we have supported Simon Martin

“There’s no other product like it.”

Simon Martin, Information Systems Manager, Learning Skills Partnership

How we have supported YMCA

“CognAssist allows us to access greater funding to support the good work that we already do. It is a really easy, effective tool for tutors to use, creating a more rounded approach in delivery to the learner.”

Rob Johnson, Operations Director, YMCA

With CognAssist, you can become part of a movement that is committed to promoting and advocating for inclusivity and better learning opportunities for all.

We want you to wear this commitment like a badge. By proudly sharing you are a part of the growing CognAssist Association for Neurodiversity.

We Can – You Can – I Can

Projected Maximum Annual LSF Revenue

    Our solution allows those delivering apprenticeships to over 250 learners to screen them for additional learning needs (ALN).

  • Projected:

  • Number of apprentices*

  • Percentage of Learners on LSF1*
    The average identification rate for LSF1 is 20%.