Your challenges – Our solutions

Your challenges – Our solutions

After attending nationwide exhibitions, we have developed a list of challenges and obstacles that may prevent many apprenticeship providers from getting the best out of their learners.


Your challenge – Complex and expensive to identify additional learning needs in learners.

Our solution – CognAssist can identify and evidence a learner with additional learning needs in 30 minutes or less with a scientifically engineered assessment. The assessment recognises hidden learning needs by profiling the 8 neurological aspects of learning and thinking.


Your challenge – Low assessor confidence in ability to deliver structured adaptions to sessions.

Our solution – CognAssist helps train and empowers support staff to recognise and respond to neurodiverse learners and provides these learners with coping strategies to independently improve their ability in the workplace and in their personal lives. We also provide guidance on a case-by-case basis on adaptions to sessions.


Your challenge – Difficulty in providing evidence to support Learning Support Funding (LSF1) drawdown.

Our solution – CognAssist provides a robust professional evidence report identifying an additional learning need to support the drawdown of Learning Support Funding (LSF1), which is up to £150 per learner per month.

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