Using CognAssist

Using CognAssist

How CognAssist works

  • CognAssist works by quickly and easily identifying learners with a hidden additional learning need and assessing those needs.
  • Learners then receive an assessment report which recommends tailored learning strategies to support their specific needs.
  • Learners and assessors are supported through the adaptive teaching techniques with learning content.
  • The whole process provides evidence, reporting and management information in real time to support SFA funding requirements via the Individualised Learner Record (ILR).

Funding additional learning needs

Learning Support Funding (LSF1) is available for:

  • 16-18 apprenticeships
  • 19+ apprenticeships

How much can I claim?

Learning Support Funding (LSF1) of £150 per learner per month is available for learners with additional learning needs. CognAssist provides evidence to support drawdown of LSF1.

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“Less than 50% of providers are adequately supporting learners with Additional Learning Needs”

Ofsted Moving Forward Report 2016