Want to find out how you could improve your Ofsted Grade?

There has never been a more pertinent time to ensure that apprenticeship and other training programmes cater for the needs of all individual learners. Current Ofsted inspections focus strongly on the progress of the provider’s students and apprentices enrolled at the time of the inspection. Apprenticeships are one of the main areas that we have recognised as needing ongoing support for these inspections. Receiving an inadequate-overall Ofsted verdict can prompt the Skills Funding Agency to terminate contracts. With more and more young [...]

New non-levy procurement launched

Previous funding allocations to training providers were due to be reduced by up to 89% by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for non-levy apprenticeships. These government cuts to the funding, designed to help support smaller businesses, would have resulted in many areas of the country having a dramatic decline in apprenticeships. However, the new tender for apprenticeship provision allocations for non-levy-paying employers was launched last week by the skills and apprenticeships minister Anne Milton. What the apprenticeship provision allocations mean [...]

Apprenticeship numbers skyrocket in the months leading up to Levy reforms

Apprenticeship starts increased by 47% in the period of February to April of this year. Although it is common to see apprenticeship numbers increase after the turn of the year, 2017 has seen a staggering three times the average increase. This will naturally lead to larger numbers of learners with additional learning needs coming on program which is likely to heavily impact on assessors’ time and support efforts. Due to many employers now making mandatory cash payments to the Apprenticeship [...]

How CognAssist can support SEND being at the centre

Joel Featherman’s Statement CEO of PublicCo, Joel Featherman, recently commented for the AeLP 2017 annual conference magazine on how we should be putting SEND at the centre of strategy. The 0-25 SEND Code of Practice highlights the principles that should be observed by all professionals working with children and young people, who have SEN or disabilities. One of the principles in the guide to the 0 to 25 SEND code of practice is focusing on inclusive practices and removing barriers to learning. Featherman [...]

Your challenges – Our solutions

After attending nationwide exhibitions, we have developed a list of challenges and obstacles that may prevent many apprenticeship providers from getting the best out of their learners.   Your challenge – Complex and expensive to identify additional learning needs in learners. Our solution – CognAssist can identify and evidence a learner with additional learning needs in 30 minutes or less with a scientifically engineered assessment. The assessment recognises hidden learning needs by profiling the 8 neurological aspects of learning and thinking.   Your challenge – Low [...]

Learning Disability Week with CognAssist

It’s Learning Disability Week which means here at CognAssist we will be networking, connecting and discussing all things #LDWeek2017. Throughout this week, the topic of agenda will be all the fantastic people that break down barriers in employment. Everyone, whatever their neurodiverse make-up, should be given an equal chance to excel in a job. With each new day, more individuals with a learning disability join the world of work, with the support needed to help them to thrive. CognAssist aims to support [...]

AeLP Conference Attendee Profile – Leah Grimshaw

Job Title Sales Executive Description of Role As sales executive my role is to engage with potential customers and show them the benefits of CognAssist, so that they have the correct tools to support their learners to achieve their full potential. Experience The apprenticeship industry is close to my heart, I started my working life as an apprentice and have went on to gain fifteen years of experience in the sector. When I left school, apprenticeships were not seen as a pathway to a [...]

AeLP Conference Attendee Profile – Claire Carr

Job Title Director of Work Based Learning Description of Role My role is to lead my team in taking CognAssist into as many organisations as possible, resulting in learners receiving the support needed to achieve their full potential.   Experience Through working in an operational environment throughout my career, and working for both Prime and Sub Contract providers, I have a thorough understanding of delivering contracts for ESFA and DWP and the requirements of such contracts.  This experience has allowed me to witness first-hand the challenges faced by both learners and providers, which means that my [...]

AeLP Conference Attendee Profile – Jim Chambers MBA

Job Title Chairman & Non-Executive Director Description of Role Jim chairs the board of directors for all companies in the group and advises on topics such as strategic management, the hiring of new employees, external factors that may affect the company’s business environment and potential financial risks. He provides creative contribution and improvement to the board by offering dispassionate and objective criticism. Experience Jim has spent the last thirty years in the education and ed-tech sectors in executive and non-executive roles and currently chairs three [...]

AeLP Conference Attendee Profile – Danielle Barry

Job Title Marketing Manager Description of Role I have recently joined the CognAssist team to lead on Marketing and Communications. CognAssist is the sector’s most sophisticated digital assessment tool which can identify neurodiversity in under 30 minutes. My role is to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy to promote this fantastic product. I oversee the production of advertising materials and e-content. Experience I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the North East including Prince Bishops Homes, Sunderland Vibrancy, [...]