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The Brains Behind The Matter

Neurodiversity refers to the naturally occurring diversity or differences that exist in cognitive functioning across the population. Someone who is neurodivergent has a different neurological make-up to the majority of people and is as normal as any other kind of human variation. In its simplest terms, it’s a different way of thinking and learning. Neurodiversity presents varied challenges and to enable people to reach their full potential, support may be required. Additional Learning Needs can often go undetected due to being [...]

See us at the App4England Conference

As part of our activities around Apprenticeships Week, we will be exhibiting and sponsoring at the App4England Conference which is taking place on 7-8th March in London. We will be demonstrating CognAssist, as well as talking to Work-Based Training providers about how much additional revenue they can secure by identifying and supporting learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN). For additional information or to arrange a meeting email us.

CognAssist Webinars

The CognAssist team is holding a series of free Webinars for Work-Based Training providers. Our webinars will provide further insight and information on how to support learners with hidden Additional Learning Needs (ALN). By attending our webinar, providers can learn more about how CognAssist can digitally assess and identify hidden Additional Learning Needs, provide resources to support independent learning, support assessors and provide evidence to support the drawdown of LSF. Our 30-minute webinars will take place on the following dates: Tuesday [...]

eQL launches solution to support Neurodiversity

e-Quality Learning (eQL) has launched a new platform to assist the UK education market with tackling the issues of Neurodiversity. Formed in 2010, eQL has reached a significant new milestone in the company growth with the launch of its new platform CognAssist. CognAssist is the first product of its kind in the UK and has been developed to screen learners in Further Education and Apprenticeships to identify a range of learning needs and provide a management tool for supporting those learners, [...]